Rhode Wars IV Weights from Cranston, RI

CRANSTON, RI (May 19, 2023) – Rhode Wars IV is set to take place tomorrow after all of the fighters successfully made weight at the Crown Plaza hotel this afternoon.

Only a handful of tickets are left for the May 20th event featuring the CES debuts of James Hagler Jr. and Robert Duran Jr. as well as the return of Wilson “Ill Will” Mascarenhas at the Park Theater in Cranston, Rhode Island.

Tickets can be purchased online at cesfights.com or thepark.com. The event will be streamed live at SpectationSports.com beginning at 7pm EST for those watching at home.

Weights from Cranston, Rhode Island:
• Alejandro Paulino 134 vs. Jonathan Perez 135, Lightweights
• Wilson Mascarenhas 141 vs. Benjamin Lamptey 140, Jr. Welterweights
• Kevin Walsh 136 vs. Marcello Williams 136, Lightweights
• Melanie Costa 123 vs. Daisy Preston 118
• Alcibiade Duran 155 vs. Luis Eduardo Florez 160, Middleweights
• James Hagler, Jr. 173 vs. Leonardo Ledeira 175, Light Heavyweights
• Michael Didino 134 vs. Joel Young 134, Lightweights
• Calixto Ortiz 143 vs. Kevin Traynor 142, Jr. Welterweights

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